In order for a group of 7 or more people to receive the best experience with us during the period of December 1st to December 22nd we offer our “Chefs Choice December” menu.

At Hantverket we call all our dishes Food Courses, where our concept is to offer several, smaller courses instead of the more classical starter and main dish.

The December menu consists of the following dishes:
“Fritter” with whipped duck liver pâté, parmesan cheese and port wine.

Chilled soup of green tomatoes with blackened avocado, jalapeño, kohlrabi and cucumber.

Mushroom sandwich with spiced cheese, white fish roe, crumbled sour cream, dill and rye bread.

Spicy fried reindeer with eggplant, Karl-Johan mushroom, kale and onion.

Änglamat with lingon berries, biscuit, vanilla ice cream, meringue and caramel sauce.


Price per person 750 SEK, including brewing coffee with the dessert.
Do you have any allergies? Contact us and we will customize our December menu for you!


We have the following times available
to accommodate group sizes over 7 people:

17.00 or alternatively 17.30
20.00 or alternatively 20.30
The sitting times that we offer are 2,5 hours long

Beverage package
Our sommelier Alexander has developed an appropriate beverage package for our “Chefs Choice December” menu. The evening starts with champagne, followed by three different wines as well as sweet wine, price per person 725 SEK.

To make a reservation, please contact us at