Summer Signatures cocktails – 145kr


Purple Haze

Hibiscus infused Mezcal, Sauternes, Rhubarb and shiso cordial, lime

Like a Haze it sweeps all around you like smooth velvet leaving you dreaming for more.



Over the trees

Matusalem blanco, Edinburgh elderflower, Pineapple and Sorrel cordial, Lime

(Can be made non alc)

Climbing the highest tree in the forest or standing in a field feeling the gras at your fingertips. With this Daquiri twist we try to combine the two.



A tribe called Kotori

Nordic wood Vodka, Fermented mango, Sugar snap cordial, Habanero bitter, lemon, Mint foam


The land, The earth, The forest

Everything is connected, tribal people have been

living like this since the dawn of time.

This is our tribute to the old ways.



Mitcher’s rye, Honey shrub, Hops, Tea bitter, Sandel wood spray

Inspired by the colourful and creative party scene of Marrakesh

during the 1960’s and 70’s.


Zebra & pony

Mezcal, Buckwheat & hazelnut infused Campari, White grapefruit cordial, lemon

A combination of two cocktails, fused into one. The zebra might be bigger but don’t let the pony fool you..


Hello miss No.3

Op Andersson oak, Peach, Edinburgh elderflower, sugar, Lemon, Cranberry

Like a Swedish midsummer this cocktail is packed with nostalgia and always leaves an impact on you.



Hantverket gin & tonic summer edition

Edinburgh lemon & jasmine gin, our tonic with Wild strawberries, Chamomile, Chinchona bark

House-made G&T with this season’s flavours.



Louisville milkman

Strawberry infused Michter’s rye, Clarified coconut & milk

Our twist on a classic milkshake, nothing more to say.


Villa Nellcôte

Edinburgh Lemon Jasmin gin, Sage & lavender cordial, Dry sherry
Yuzu, Lime, Himalaya salt

After over a hundred years the villa still stands, with so many stories, it’s hard not to be intrigued by it. This is our tribute to Côte d ‘ Azur & Rock ‘n’ roll.


Water dancer

Sake, Mezcal, Salted gooseberry cordial, Electric bitter, Frankincense spray, Lime

( Can be made non alc)

Tribes have been dancing to summon rain for a very long time. The tradition is passed down the generations. Dare to believe, have enough of these, and you might just do it yourself.