“Struva” with whipped duck liver, parmesan cheese and port wine   110

Hasselback potatoes, bleak roe, sour cream and spring onions   115

Tartare of salmon with chili, ginger, soy tapioca, salmon roe, radish 
and khataifi for two   185

"Tuttul" flatbread with slowly cooked pork 
and homemade butter - a serving for two   115


Lemon cured mackerel, yoghurt cream, salted cucumber 
and potato croutons   165

Squid with oyster mayonnaise, zucchini, grated feta cheese, parsley 
and lemon   175

Chilled soup of green tomatoes with blackened avocado, jalapeño, kohlrabi and cucumber   155

Thinly sliced raw beef with Jerusalem artichoke, gruyère cheese and hazelnuts   175


White asparagus baked in a package with bearnaise sauce, almonds 
and crispy potatoes   195

Shrimp sandwich “chili cheese” with cheddar, jalapeño, rye bread 
and sour cream   195

Butter fried perch with crushed potatoes, onion, radish and lumpfish roe   195

Fried chicken with crispy polenta, yellow beetroot, ramson 
and red wine sauce   195

BBQ-glazed veal with “potato gratin”, chimichurri 
and pickled mustard seeds   215


Rhubarb soup with coconut cream, almond and crispy mazarin   110

Strawberry parfait with almonds and cookie crumbles   95

Doughnut with hazelnut ice cream, roasted hazelnuts 
and coffee ganache   120

Änglamat with lingon berries, biscuit, vanilla ice cream, meringue 
and caramel sauce   120



Opening Hours

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Saturday
  7. Sunday Closed

The kitchen is closed between 
14:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday.
The cocktailbar is open for drinks and lighter snacks.